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Cheap used car parts

For such cars like: Opel, Volkswagen, Alfa Romeo, Audi, Peugeot

Auto24Parts.com is a shop in Katowice, operating since 1997. The offer we present to customers is rich and very diverse, because, in our daily business, we deal with selling new and used electronic, electrical and mechanical parts for cars, including Opel, Volkswagen, Alfa Romeo, Audi, Peugeot.

Our company has a long tradition, therefore we know what parts our customers need, we can select the best quality parts which are also cheap, everyone can afford them.
Our business stands out not only due to the very rich and diverse range of products, but also due to our experienced mechanics and vendors, performing their duties as well as they can, treating the automotive industry not only as a job but also a beloved hobby, so that each customer is assured that the advice given in our company is correct and the products chosen with the utmost care. Our resellers are able to diagnose any car technical problem and choose the appropriate solution.

The main asset of the Auto24Parts is selling electronic devices for a variety of car models. In our offer you will find, among other things: ABS controller for each model of Mercedes cars, the BSI, UCH, BODY module control unit for BMW, Ford Scorpio, Ford Focus cars and many other makes. The product range and specialization of Auto24Parts include used and new auto electronic parts.


We have cheap used car parts like:

engine controllers, engine computers, EPS controllers, engine control modules, transmission modules, airbag modules, ABS, CAS modules, Comfort modules. Additionally, we offer such parts as gas pedals, gas controllers, navigation systems, sensors, car radios, air conditioning panels, ignition coils, displays, fuse boxes, cooling modules, starters, alternators.

Our advantage is to have diagnostic equipment thanks to which we can prepare all motor controllers, computers and body modules without programming and intervention of authorized services or garages.

The car parts we offer in our store are of high quality, one hundred percent efficient, while being cheap and affordable in terms of price for each customer. In addition, the parts that we offer to all customers are guaranteed, while the mechanics employed by our company check the condition and usability of every part before shipping, therefore we provide all customers with full satisfaction with the purchases. You can benefit from the offer not only directly but also via the Internet and our website. Just select the necessary parts and equipment, we will process the order in a very short time. Parts are shipped instantly to all countries in the world.

Engine controller failure – causes, symptoms and why you should choose a used original controller

The engine controller, also known as the engine computer or engine control module, plays a key role in the proper functioning of a vehicle. It is an electronic device that controls many aspects of the engine’s operation, such as the fuel-air mixture, ignition, exhaust emissions and many others. When the engine controller fails, it can lead to serious problems with the operation of the car. Therefore, it is worth understanding the causes and symptoms of failure of this key component.

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Failure of the gearbox control unit

Why is it worthwhile investing in used original parts instead of replacements?

The gearbox is one of the key components in any vehicle, controlling the transfer of engine power to the wheels. Modern cars are equipped with sophisticated controllers that monitor and adjust the operation of the gearbox. Unfortunately, sometimes these controllers can fail, leading to various driving problems and the need for repair.

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ABS pump controller faults

ABS pump controller faults are a common problem in vehicles that are equipped with an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS). The ABS pump controller plays a key role in the proper functioning of the braking system by providing braking control and preventing wheel locking in the event of sudden braking. However, like any electronic device, the ABS pump controller can suffer from various defects.

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What could be the faults in the ABS pump controller?

Defects of the ABS pump controller can be a serious problem for any driver. This controller is a key component of the ABS system which is responsible for the proper operation of the entire braking system as well as for keeping the vehicle safe and under control during hard braking. If the ABS pump controller fails, it can lead to wheel locking and loss of stability of the car, which can be very dangerous.

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ABS PUMP RENAULT 476607394R 0265293348 0265956535
ABS PUMP RENAULT 476607394R 0265293348 0265956535



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ABS PUMP PEUGEOT 0265294348 9824311280 0265956557






ABS PUMP RENAULT 476600633R 0265295527 0265956740
ABS PUMP RENAULT 476600633R 0265295527 0265956740






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