For a lot of car owners, the specialist-sounding term ‘throttle control’ is something difficult to comprehend. Much better known are the terms ‘accelerator’ or ‘gas pedal’.

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Each of the above names refers to one and the same element found in vehicles equipped with carburettor engine, depressing of which controls the opening of the throttle in the carburettor. In the case of fuel-injected engines, depressing of this element increases the amount of fuel delivered into the engine cylinders.

Accelerator gas pedal

Depending on the solution used, the command to open the throttle or to increase the fuel delivery can be performed either mechanically or electronically. In each of the applicable solutions, the functioning of this element must be smooth and swift in order to avoid uncontrolled blocking while it is being depressed. The occurrence of such an event in our car can seriously compromise the safety of travelling on the road. As soon as any signs of jamming are noticed, it is best to visit a professional car service workshop to have the fault diagnosed and removed.

Today’s market offers, through online shops, both new and used and checked acceleration control systems, which enables us to reduce the high cost of repair of our car.


What is the accelerator pedal sensor?

Not so long ago, in much older cars, very simple solutions were used also when the accelerator pedal goes, which was understandably connected to the throttle thanks to the accelerator cable, i.e. a special metal cable for this purpose. This allowed the driver to always control the power with which the car was moving, nowadays much more modern methods are used, which allow, among other things, to take into account the safety system that will work in an adequate situation and take over a certain part of control over our car. One of them is undoubtedly the accelerator pedal sensor, which is to transmit information via the power cable to the engine about the position of the accelerator pedal. This means nothing more than a precise course of torque, which is generated by the engine, and its possible acceleration.

What are the signs of a faulty accelerator pedal sensor?

The accelerator pedal sensors are among the elements that can be damaged for many reasons, and this is usually manifested, among others, by the ignition of the MIL warning light, i.e. the check engine light. In addition, there are strongly increased revolutions, idling, the engine works unevenly or even lacks reaction to acceleration. Often our car can go into emergency mode, and even when pressing the gas pedal, we will not feel any acceleration, so what should be done then?

At the time of noticing or noticing the above signals, do not wait until after pressing the accelerator pedal, our car will not be able to move, even without proper acceleration, and also when in emergency mode. You should, understandably, appear in a car mechanics service, where the entire accelerator pedal together with the aforementioned sensor will be properly diagnosed. If necessary or necessary, we must also take into account its replacement, because like many electronic elements in our car, or any subassemblies, its repair will rarely be possible, and it even makes no sense.

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ABS PUMP SUZUKI 56110-61ME0 5611061ME0 0265956193



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