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What does the ABS system provide us with in our cars? Often, ABS in our cars is said to be safety systems that protect us to a large extent, which is not entirely true, and it is worth being aware of it when using cars that have it. It is not the first time that we will hear about the fact that its primary role is always to prevent possible wheel blockage during braking. At the same time, it allows you to maintain adequate control over the vehicle, or when turning, even when there is a very sudden braking. Therefore, it shortens the stopping distance of the vehicle, improves driving comfort and safety, as well as almost completely eliminating skidding, minimizing the risk of losing control over the control of the car. That is why the efficient and correct operation of the ABS system is something that in the case of our cars, you need to look at at the same time from different perspectives, on the one hand to think about what it provides us while driving, and on the other hand to address issues related to braking. The difference in the lack of ABS operation will be felt not only in older cars, but also in those where it is not functional, then there is a much greater probability that a skid will occur or the braking distance will be longer.

Brakes - How do you recognize an ABS failure?

The mere lighting of the ABS warning light in our car should make us think that the entire system could fail, and thus it is necessary to diagnose it or remove such a defect. It is obvious that arriving at the diagnostic station in order to obtain information about what caused such an event is a much better solution than increasing the responsibility for the fact that the ABS will not work at the least expected moment. It may end up not only skidding for us, but also the loss of grip on the road, during the braking itself, and the extension of the stopping distance of the vehicle. So let our ABS never let us down, and let's treat it as a system that affects comfort, but it is also difficult to disagree with the opinion that it is safer and more functional driving the car.


BRAKE SERVO PUMP BMW 6872135 22201930987 29687213501 BRAKE SERVO PUMP BMW 6872135 22201930987 29687213501


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ABS PUMP SUZUKI 56110-61ME0 5611061ME0 0265956193
ABS PUMP SUZUKI 56110-61ME0 5611061ME0 0265956193



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ABS PUMP AUDI 0265239432 8K0907379CP 0265952144






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