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What is the role of the air conditioning compressor in every car? It is often repeated that the air conditioning compressor is in fact the heart of the system responsible for cooling each car, because it supplies the coolant that reaches the indicated place via pipes and pipes. Most often, understandably, an evaporator and a condenser, thus guaranteeing us nothing but cool air, and thus comfortable driving conditions during hot and hot days. Its basic and most important task is to ensure proper cooling circulation, so when it breaks down, our air conditioning does not work as it should. We also have no chance that the refrigerant will reach our cabin directly, which is one of the common reasons why we have a problem with air conditioning. Of course, in such a situation, it is necessary to act appropriately, and above all to specify and diagnose what influenced the incorrect operation of our air conditioning system, and whether it is a compressor.

When is it necessary to replace the A / C compressor?

When do we really have to reckon with the need to replace the compressor, and in what situations does this occur? Partial or complete failure of the compressor clutch is a situation related to too high angular rotation of the pulley itself, or a very low amount of coolant, which stops the operation of the compressor. Too much overheating of the compressor, which next to seizure is something common, and the result may be a damaged condenser, which does not make the refrigerant in the system at the right temperature and it is definitely too high. Compressor seizure is caused by insufficient amount of the refrigerant and even lubricating oil, sometimes by impurities or water that has entered the system. Other faults or improperly assembled compressor. Sure, the replacement and purchase or regeneration of the compressor, whenever possible, allows us to restore the air conditioning in the car to its proper operation.

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