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It is becoming harder and harder to hit a car without power steering. This piece of equipment greatly improves driving comfort, especially at low speeds, when the steering system requires more power to turn the wheels. We distinguish hydraulic and electronic support. The first type we meet in slightly older cars, while the second type for several years is an increasingly common solution in newer models.

Assistance driver - Ecu Power Steering Module

Support operation is quite simple. The pump speaks for a specific fluid pressure in the steering system depending on the data transmitted by the power steering. While the hydraulic system is based mainly on the current speed, electronic assistance supports a number of other factors, including the surface on which the wheels are located, as well as grip. At low speeds, the controller increases the fluid pressure, which reduces the need for force put in by the driver. As a result, we can operate the steering wheel freely and lightly while performing a parking maneuver.

It may happen that the assistance controller fails and will provide false data. In this situation, we will often notice difficult maneuvering at low speeds. It is much more dangerous if the steering is too loose at higher speeds. The assistance driver then needs to be replaced immediately. Buying a new part can be very expensive. Therefore, many drivers decide to buy a used driver.

If you do not want to spend too much money on repairing your power in your car, you can order a used power steering driver available in our store. Auto24parts offers customers a wide range of parts from the best suppliers. We carefully inspect all parts and issue a start-up guarantee. The advantage of choosing the used parts is, of course, the lower price. In this way, you can buy an efficient power steering controller in a very affordable offer.


Ecu module power BMW BOSCH 1 277 022 263, 1277022263, 0273011034 Ecu module power BMW BOSCH 1 277 022 263, 1277022263, 0273011034
Vendor: Bosch


Net price: €487.81

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Power steering and its control module

Precise steering movements are very important when driving a car at high speeds, as well as during slower city driving or when performing various precise manoeuvres. It is worth remembering that driving a car is often associated with considerable loads that make turning the steering wheel difficult for people who do not have the necessary strength. No wonder that for a long time, many manufacturers have been installing special power steering systems in their vehicles. They are electronically controlled by special modules.

Support and its driver - basic information

When it comes to power steering, this system consists of many elements, such as a reservoir with power steering fluid and a special pump. Thanks to hydraulic solutions, it is possible to turn the wheels precisely even with less force. This system will do most of the work for the driver. This is especially important when driving at lower speeds, where more force is needed to make precise steering movements.

A very important element of the entire system, which is its "brain", is the controller. Under this term there is a special electronic module that is responsible for regulating the work of many components of the assistance system. In other words, we are dealing with a device that regulates the operation of the power steering pump and determines the dose of fluid used, as well as affecting other important processes. Without a properly functioning controller, there is no chance for the efficient operation of the power steering system.

Of course, like other electronic components, the power steering control unit can also fail or be damaged. In such a situation, a reasonable solution is to replace it with a functional element. Such controllers are offered by many stationary and online points of sale operating in Poland and other countries. Reliable suppliers provide customers with access to new and used elements, which are characterized by good quality and efficient operation.

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ABS PUMP RENAULT 476607394R 0265293348 0265956535



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ABS PUMP PEUGEOT 0265294348 9824311280 0265956557






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ABS PUMP RENAULT 476600633R 0265295527 0265956740






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