How to proceed in a situation when the fuel injection does not work properly, and thus there is a real problem with its proper functioning? At the very beginning, one important issue needs to be clarified, namely fuel injection makes itself felt especially when we notice that there are some interruptions in the supply of fuel to the engine. Of course, here, like many parts and elements in our car, also the fuel injection itself is based on many components, one of them may be the controller which is most often responsible for its incorrect operation. Sure, its replacement is something that must not be underestimated, but there is another issue, and thus related to the price of the entire fuel injector or the desire to reduce the costs associated with it. Therefore, it is worth optimizing costs by analyzing the possibility of obtaining used fuel injection, i.e. finding one that is still suitable for such a purpose. Nowadays, the best solution for this is to find a store that de facto sells such used car parts. However, we need to be sure that its technical condition will allow us to continue its operation, and the fuel injector itself works properly.

Are you looking for the right fuel injector?

Since your fuel injector is currently making a noise or possibly needing to be replaced, as mentioned above, many drivers rely on used car parts as rightly as possible. This allows you to first reduce the expenses related to the operation of the car, one of the professional stores that sell used, inter alia, car parts can be found in our store. It is there that we have the opportunity and the chance not only to find them, but also to repair them, count on the support of a professional dealer, who will allow us, if necessary, to get help in choosing them or adapting to a specific type of car engine.

What is the function of the injection pump controller?

The injection pump controller is often an underestimated element, and also one about which most of us have no idea until we are forced to face its fault and failure. It is worth explaining, first of all, what function the injection pump controller is always supposed to perform, which enables its proper operation.

The injection pump controller is primarily to take care of:

- Delivering the perfect amount of fuel
- Proper operation of the immobilizer, i.e. turning off the ignition at the time of possible theft of the car, and starting it only when a special key that has been paired with the controller is used.
- Maintaining the appropriate value of the injection advance angle

What is the failure of the injection pump controller?

Failure of the injection pump controller is usually caused by its usual damage, especially the electronics, including the incorrect operation of the valve regulating the amount of fuel, which causes that the injection does not have the right pressure or there is no fuel at all. So there is a situation when our car goes out while driving, there may also be information about pump damage, and when the car is started, despite adding gas, it will not take any reaction.

What to do if the injection pump controller is damaged?

It will probably come as no surprise to encourage us to act immediately when the injection pump controller is damaged. In addition to the above problems, we can, by our procrastination, lead to the destruction and damage of the injection pump itself, and this, as we all know, generates much greater expenses. For this reason, it is worth visiting a car mechanic who will check the injection pump controller, or replace it, replacing it with an efficient one that matches the type of engine we have. So it's good to be aware of the consequences of driving a car with a faulty injection pump controller.

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