The fan controller is a complicated subassembly that, however, fulfills extremely responsible and important functions in the cooling system. In the world of motoring, the failure of one small component can have disastrous consequences for more important components. This is the case with the fan controller, which is responsible for the proper flow of air through the coolers and determines the power of the fan depending on the temperature in the engine compartment.

With this part, we will meet in the case of electric fan drive. The controller collects engine operation parameters and analyzes the temperature in the engine using the appropriate sensors. Depending on the information retrieved, it controls the ventilation of the fans. So, you probably do not need to add what is at risk of a small short circuit or defect of this small part.

Fan controller

At best, the short-circuit will lead to excessive fan operation. This, in fact, shortens the life of the cooling system, but at least guarantees the optimal engine temperature. The symptom of such a fault is the loud operation of the fans when the engine temperature is normal. Much worse when the short circuit leads to the fan controller being turned off completely. In this situation, the sensors will not turn on the fans, and the temperature of the motor will constantly increase. We should notify the control panel light on the dashboard, as well as a hint showing the engine's temperature getting higher.

The new fan module can be a very expensive investment. Therefore, a better solution will be to buy a used driver. In this category you will find cheap used parts that have been checked by mechanics for proper operation. Therefore, you gain a start-up guarantee and absolute certainty that the fan controller purchased will adequately supervise the operation of the cooling system. At the same time, deciding to buy a used part significantly reduces the cost of replacement.


What is the engine cooling fan module?

What is the engine cooling fan module really characterized by and what function does it provide at the same time? The radiator fan module is designed to provide adequate temperature control, so it is a device that controls it in the engine by using the engine fan speed control. This allows cooling of the engine itself, and thus reduces the risk of its overheating, the module is one of the elements of the engine cooling fan.

What does the engine cooling fan guarantee?

The engine cooling fan is a very simple element at first glance, but on the other hand it is also complicated and important when it comes to the cooling system in our car. Its failures lead to problems with engine cooling, and even a dangerous phenomenon, i.e. overheating. It is supposed to allow for heat exchange, by increasing the speed of air movement through the radiator, we will meet fans not only pushing, but also pulling, they are distinguished especially by the way they are attached.

How can you tell if the engine cooling fan module is damaged?

How can we know that the engine fan cooling module has been damaged? The answer is very simple, namely the symptoms that are most often associated with the failure of the engine cooling fan itself, and include:

- Silence, which in the case of a windmill should make us think, after all its operation is associated with noise
- The problem with the constant underheating of the coolant, especially when accelerating the car
- A warm, even hot engine, so our car overheated
- Blown fuse of the fan, which occurs when it fails
- Limited fan operation

Always try to notice problems with engine overheating (which is not difficult to check, just lift the hood from the car and check the temperature of the drive unit), keep in mind the engine cooling fan and the mentioned module. Do not underestimate any disturbing signals informing us about the engine cooling fan module failure.

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