The glow plug relay is an important device that occurs in compression ignition engines. It is a kind of controller that initiates the heating process of glow plugs, and also informs us when they are sufficiently warmed up and ready to ignite. This is a small element that is of great importance for the operation of our car. Defects related to the glow plug relay lead in a straight line to ignition problems or can completely prevent the engine from starting.

What is the characteristics of a damaged glow plug relay?

After setting the key to ignition position, the candle relay activates, which checks if the heating of the glow plugs is needed and notifies us when we can safely start the car. Problems with the relay give the following symptoms: candle heating takes too long, the indicator light does not indicate heating, problems with starting the engine appear or it is impossible, an error code has been generated, the engine after starting has a tendency to work unevenly and abundantly smoke. In this case, you should immediately visit a mechanic to make a diagnosis.

Is the glow plug relay an expensive component?

Much, of course, depends on the car model we have. A new relay can cost up to several hundred zlotys. Sometimes, the replacement of this subassembly is necessary because the repair proves impossible or too expensive. Then, we will not bypass the obligation to buy a new relay. Of course, there is a proven way to avoid expensive expenses, which is buying a used part. In this category you will find glow plug relays that have been verified by experienced mechanics. These parts are one hundred percent functional, which for many years will guarantee you impeccable work. The advantage is the affordable price that will allow drivers to replace a faulty glow plug relay without spending a lot of money. By buying the original part, you can be sure that it will work better with the glow plugs in your car.


Glow plug relays - a wide range

The glow plug relay is an electrical device that is used to ensure proper starting of a diesel engine in low temperature conditions. In diesel engines, to ensure proper starting, it is necessary to warm the air in the combustion chamber, which allows easier ignition of the air-fuel mixture. So it can be seen that the role of the glow plug relay is very important. No wonder that many users of vehicles with diesel engines are interested in such elements.

Decent glow plug relays - affordable price and high quality

The glow plug relay is located in the engine's electrical system and is designed to control the operation of the glow plugs. The above-mentioned element works on the principle of electromagnetism, which translates an electrical signal into a mechanical one. When the driver turns the key in the ignition, the relay energizes the glow plugs, which then heat up to a high temperature, allowing the engine to start more easily. Proper operation of the relay and spark plugs allows you to start ungaraged cars even on colder days.

When the engine starts, the glow plug relay deactivates and the glow plugs lose power. The glow plug relay is usually located in the engine area, near the cylinder head or fuel injection tip. If it fails or is damaged, problems with starting the engine can be expected, especially in adverse weather conditions. The solution to such problems is, of course, the replacement of the relay, and sometimes the spark plugs.

In the offer of our online store you can find high-quality glow plug relays for many car brands and models. We are constantly updating our offer, so it is worth checking here often. The relays we offer are characterized by optimal durability and trouble-free operation. So you can be sure that they will fulfill their practical tasks for many engine start cycles.

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