Popular shifters on the steering wheel are multifunctional devices responsible for turning on the turn signals, some lights as well as the wipers. In many car models on the shifters we also find switches responsible for changing the view on the on-board computer. For some car models, we may notice problematic performance. Direction indicator switches can be repaired or replaced with new ones.

Direction indicator switches

French car drivers often encounter malfunctioning of the turn signal switches. The drawback was also common in older German models. As a result of operation, mechanical problems may occur, e.g. lever breakage, as well as electro-thermal ones, e.g. contact melting and no power flow. Effect? Inability to use the basic functions responsible for safe and comfortable driving.
Direction indicator switches on various car models are characterized by very variable durability. For some cars it is only several thousand work cycles, and for the most robust vehicles even several hundred thousand. In the second variant, a number of important elements will get out before the switches wear out.

Repair of the turn signal switch in the vast majority of cases is possible. It's just that it's a very time-consuming and difficult process. If the contacts overheat, locate the problem and replace the wires carefully. In the event of mechanical damage, e.g. broken lever, repair is not possible.

Therefore, there are situations in which the mechanic advises us on the replacement. Direction indicator switches can be bought cheaply, especially if we decide on used parts. It may turn out that this solution will allow us to avoid very serious costs. Indicator switches are inconspicuous elements that in the event of a failure prevent us from driving safely. Unless you want to go to a mechanic to break a number of traffic rules, it may be necessary to support a tow truck that will deliver your car to the workshop.

If you decide to replace this part, you will face the challenge of buying solid and proven switches. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on a new part, you can opt for used turn signals switches that you will find here. We offer only tested parts for efficiency. Each component is thoroughly checked by a qualified mechanic.

By choosing used direction indicator switches you save not only money, but also time. Instead of waiting for the effects of time-consuming repair, you can simply replace the damaged part and recover the car prepared for safe and comfortable driving.


Turn signal switches and more

Turn signal, light and wiper switches are part of the car's lighting and wiper control system. These elements allow the driver to control the operation of lights, indicators and wipers, as well as other functions, which allows safe driving in various weather and lighting conditions. No wonder that the proper operation of both the systems themselves and their switches now plays a key role in motor vehicles, regardless of their type or purpose.

Decent switches for various car models

The turn signal switch allows the driver to indicate their intention to turn by activating the signal to indicate a right or left turn. The light switch allows the driver to control the operation of the lighting in the vehicle, including the dipped, main, parking and hazard lights. The wiper switch, in turn, allows the driver to control the operation of the front and rear wipers, as well as the speed of their wiping. In other words, thanks to such switches, many functions are available practically at hand.

If the turn signal, light and wiper switches fail, the lights and wipers may malfunction, increasing the risk of an accident. For this reason, if there are problems with these switches, it is recommended that they be repaired or replaced immediately. Repair or replacement of turn signal, light and wiper switches can be carried out by a mechanic or a garage. Replacing these elements is usually not too complicated and you can try to do it yourself. However, it is important to have the right spare parts.

If you buy new or used switches, make sure they work properly and last for a long time. Our range includes only functional components for various makes and models of cars. Very often you can find parts for older and unusual and not very popular vehicles.

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