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What are the most important tasks of the steering system. What are the most important tasks for the steering system? Certainly, one of the basic ones is the ability to control the vehicle itself, it allows us, among other things, to change its current track to another one, or to perform any other maneuvers. Of course, not only that, it should be said, but it does not change the general opinion about what the steering is responsible for.

In the case of the steering system, however, it is also necessary to mention: The ability to keep and maintain the direction of travel, it is he who makes sure that the wheels do not turn themselves during our driving, so we do not have to constantly think about correcting the track. Thanks to this, we minimize the risk of a collision with another car. Supporting steering maneuvering, especially in modern cars, in which power steering is used, we are talking about a much more comfortable and easier maneuvering. Damping of any vibrations caused by uneven roads. Enabling the wheels to automatically return to the ride that took place after the turn was made, this, in turn, allows for easier negotiation of all corners.

What is the steering made of?

The steering system will fulfill its role only if the other elements of its design will function in an efficient and reliable manner, and you must be aware of this. Most of us believe that it is only the steering wheel that is the most important element for us, which allows us to change the wheel transmission, but we must not forget, among other things, about the steering column, which is to connect the steering wheel with the entire mechanism, transmission and steering gear. It is no different when it comes to the steering linkage, which is understandably supposed to change the position of the wheels at the moment of turning and not lead to the typical side skid, the steering system also includes tie rods or steering levers.


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