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Used auto parts- on used parts we offer 6 months of warranty

New auto parts- on new parts, we offer 1 year warranty

Some of the products sold through our store carry a manufacturer’s guarantee. If a fault is discovered in equipment covered by a guarantee, contact our nearest servicing point as indicated on the guarantee card or on the manufacturer’s website. This is a very fast process which enables equipment to be restored to working order in as short a time as possible.

NB: please retain your proof of purchase (till receipt or invoice) and the original packaging throughout the period of the guarantee – these are required when reporting faults.


Terms of claim because of damage in the transport of goods.

1) Before receiving the package, check out the package does not have any damage and open in the presence of the courier delivering a package or in courier service facility.

2) In case of damage to goods resulting from mechanical damage in transport , should refuse to accept the shipment and fill  the complaint form who has got  any courier. At this complaint form , please justify its decision to refuse the package because of damage to the packaging or the contents of the parcel.


According to the Rules of transport companies

- Only Failure to collect parcel and prepare the protocol of the damage created after transport. Undertakes auto24parts.com to take a stand and take account of this complaint ,after that customer will receive from company auto24parts.com the second part or reimbursement the money. A claim of damages from the shipping company will be to demand the company auto24parts.com.


- After the adoption of the package by the customer and received a damaged item caused by transport deprived of the right to submit a complaint to the transport company by auto24parts.com and the effect of releasing the company auto24parts.com of granting the guarantee.Then the claims on damaged goods the customer has made in transportation company , where demands compensation from the insurance  of  the transportation company

Warranty Policy and claims of the parties.

1) Complaint for damaged parts may be made before the expiry of which are covered by warranty.

2) Company auto24parts.com to resolve the complaint has 14 working days from receipt of the return of the goods to the company.

3) Warranties will be considered on parts that have not been opened by the customerdisassembled, repaired, where not  was no interference in the housing and interior parts

3) Complaints are dealt with only in the case of reference to the company auto24parts.com

4) The option to send the defective part to the company auto24parts.com must be pre-agreed between the customer and the seller.

a) Customer returns part of ordering their own transportation company , after getting the seller to accept the level of transport costs.

    b) In the case of high transport costs, the company auto24parts.com sends  own shipping company        to pick up the defective part.

    c) auto24parts.com company reserves the right to refuse the customer incurred transport costs if these have not been previously discussed with her and the customer sent the part without the agreement with the seller.

   d) auto24parts.com company reserves the right to refuse the customer incurred transport costs , if the complaint is not upheld.


5) In the case of a positive decision on the issue receives in that order.

a) Receives second part of the same specification sent at the expense of the seller.

b) If no parts in stock and no sending the second part, we will refund the price of goods and transportation costs.


Customer loses the right to complain and guarantees

1. If you try to open the parts and try open housing part

2 .If you open the part

3. If you try to repair parts.

4. If you repairs the defective part from the dealer ,without prior consultation with the seller of such a way of dealing with complaints ,The customer loses the right to recover the costs incurred.

5. If you received the item and there it is mechanical damage ,created as a result of  transport by transport company. Such a package should not receive the courier  , otherwise the client is seeking compensation from the transport company.




Before accepting a package, always check that it has not been damaged in transit. If the packaging carries visible external damage, we advise that you refuse delivery of the package and then contact us by telephone or by email.

After paying the CoD charge and acknowledging receipt of the package, you can open it in the presence of the courier – if discrepancies are found, a protocol is drawn up which can later be used as a basis for a customer complaint.

If the goods purchased turn out to have manufacturing defects or to differ from their description, please follow the complaint procedure described below:

  1. Send the defective product to us, enclosing a written declaration,in which you describe in detail the reasons for returning the product, the form of compensation, and the return address and account number for a refund (depending on the decision taken by the store).
  2. Within 14 days of receiving the item we will notify you by e-mail or telephone of the result of the complaint procedure.
  3. If the complaint is accepted, within 7 working days of the date of the decision we will compensate you for the costs you have incurred by repairing the defective product, sending a new replacement or refunding your money.
  4. If the complaint is declined, we will send you detailed reasons for the decision and will return the product to you within 14 working days at our cost.


If you have any queries, please contact us by e-mail or by telephone. We will advise you as to how to resolve customer complaints quickly and without problems.


Return of products


By law, within 14 calendar days of the date of delivery of ordered goods, you have the right to return them without giving reasons, thus renouncing the contract of sale, according to the general principles contained in the law on contracts concluded at a distance. This applies only to consumer sales, and hence only to cases where goods are sold to an individual making the purchase not in relation to professional or business activity.

(§§ 312d, 312e BGB i.V.m. § 355 BGB)

The returned product must not carry signs of use – every element must be complete and factory packed, with the goods delivered in the original packaging in an unchanged state. If this condition is not fulfilled, the product will not be accepted.

(Véase § 357, párrafo 6 del Código Civil)

In case of return the products, costs of delivery will be cover by the customer.
Each returned product will be checked again by our qualified technicians.
The costs of checking the part will be cover by the customer.

 (Véase § 357, párrafo 7 del Código Civil)

If you wish to return a product:

  1. Send the purchased product in undamaged condition and in the original packaging with its entire contents.
  2. Attach to the package a written declaration, in which you express your wish to return the product, as well as the account number to which payment is to be refunded.
  3. Within 3 working days of receiving your package we will check the state of the returned product (that it does not carry signs of use, has not been damaged, and is in the original packaging with the whole of its contents).
  4. If there are no reasons why we are unable to proceed, we will send notification to your e-mail address that the product has been successfully returned. The money will be refunded to the indicated account within 7 days.


If your attempt to return a product is rejected (due to damage to the product or signs of use), we will send to your e-mail address a notification that the return of the product has not been accepted. We will send the product back to the indicated return address within 7 working days, paying the costs of postage.


ABS PUMP FIAT 0265216622 46744771 0273004478
ABS PUMP FIAT 0265216622 46744771 0273004478



ABS PUMP HYUNDAI 58600-G2300 58600G2300
ABS PUMP HYUNDAI 58600-G2300 58600G2300



ABS PUMP HYUNDAI 58910-N7030 58910N7030 BE600MBQ00
ABS PUMP HYUNDAI 58910-N7030 58910N7030 BE600MBQ00



ABS PUMP NISSAN 0265294884 476606UM1A 0265956969
ABS PUMP NISSAN 0265294884 476606UM1A 0265956969









ABS PUMP KTM 0265262028 60742031100 0265805298
ABS PUMP KTM 0265262028 60742031100 0265805298



ABS PUMP IVECO 0265233377 504346590 0265900371
ABS PUMP IVECO 0265233377 504346590 0265900371



ABS PUMP SUZUKI 56110-54PB0  5611054PB0 0265956291
ABS PUMP SUZUKI 56110-54PB0 5611054PB0 0265956291





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