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Defective engine controller - repair or replace?

Engine controller is an extremely important component which is responsible for the driving performance your car. It continuously analyses the information provided by other components and, based on it, determines the of air-fuel ratio in the mixture and determines the moment of ignition, as well as the moment of fuel injection into the cylinder. A defective engine controller is therefore a serious problem that you should address immediately.

Defective engine controller – symptoms of a malfunctioning controller

Engine controller faults do not occur frequently. In some models of passenger cars, however, controllers were installed in a place where they were exposed to damage. A defective engine controller is not capable of properly controlling the operation of the drive unit.

Typical symptoms of a defective controller include the following: the car has problems with ignition or will not start at all, the engine suddenly cuts out; and you are driving you feel the engine jerking while as if there were no fuel, the engine loses power and will not work smoothly. In event of a controller malfunction the car should inform you about it by turning on the Check Engine control lamp.


What should I do with a defective engine controller?

In the vast majority of cases a defective controller cannot be repaired. Fault-finding itself is time-consuming and very expensive, and what is more, in many situations the defect is simply irreparable. If this is the case, the defective motor controller can only be discarded. Even if repair is possible, there is usually huge cost involved and drivers would rather avoid it.

Therefore, it can be a good alternative to have this component replaced. You do not have to go for buying an expensive brand new part. You can just as well rely on a used controller checked for proper operation by a mechanic.


Where to buy a used engine controller?


A used engine controller can be purchased in several variants: non-logged out, logged out, with an immobiliser and synchronised. The choice of the variant will determine how much work the mechanic will have to put in to fit the controller in your car. Fully functional controllers can be purchased online here: Defective engine controller . In the assortment you will only find functional engine controllers that have been reliably verified by an experienced mechanic. 

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