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Where can I buy an original gearbox controller?

Gearbox controller is responsible for the correct transmission ratio and power distribution. It is an important electronic component that has an impact on both safety and driving comfort. What to do if it fails? An original gearbox controller can be difficult to find and very expensive at that. In such a situation, it is worth looking around for used parts that will help you significantly reduce the necessary expenses.


Why does a gearbox controller fail?


Typically, it is a matter of component wear and tear. A failure occurs most often in old cars that have been used for several years. An original gearbox controller can also be damaged in a serious road collision. Any faults can be manifested as the following symptoms: too soft or too hard gears, jerking of the vehicle while driving, output torque power not adjusted to the gear or problems with the car stalling. Without the controller, automatic transmission cannot function properly.


How much does an original gearbox controller cost?


A lot depends on the model of the car but usually you should expect considerable expenses. Commonly available parts can be very expensive and a new controller can cost several hundred zlotys. In many cases you have to pay even well over 1,000 zlotys. How to avoid large expenses? The solution may be to buy an original gearbox controller in secondary market. In this way you can save even several hundred zlotys but this is not at the expense of the quality of the purchased part.

Where to buy a tested and original gearbox controller?

One thing is certain; an original gearbox controller is always a better solution than a replacement. Even if it is a used part. If you want to save money and have your gearbox controller replaced in a relatively cheap way, here: original gearbox controller you will find parts checked for reliability by experienced mechanics. So you can be sure that the controller you purchase will work impeccably over the years.


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