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ABS pump controller – symptoms of damage

The controller supervising the correct operation of the ABS system is often located in the wheel hub, which means it is exposed to numerous hazards, such as dirt, humidity and extreme temperatures. In the case of an ABS pump controller, the symptoms will not be noticeable on a dry and even road, which is an additional hazard. It is only in an emergency situation that the system preventing the wheels from blocking and slipping simply does not work.

Symptoms of damage to the ABS pump controller

A malfunction may result in insufficient protection against wheel blocking. During sudden emergency braking on a slippery or very uneven road, the car may swerve, which indicates that the ABS system is not working properly. It is only in emergency situations that the symptoms of defective ABS pump controller can be noticed. It is a good idea to test the system in safe circumstances from time to time by braking rapidly and checking its operation. A defective ABS pump controller should also notify us of the problem by lighting an appropriate light on the dashboard.

What to do if the ABS pump controller is defective?

If the malfunction of the controller is caused by dirt, it is sufficient to clean it thoroughly. However, it may happen that the component is seriously damaged and cannot be repaired. In such a situation you are forced to buy a replacement component. It is good to take interest in the issue as soon as you notice any disturbing symptoms. Taking into account the high cost of new parts, it is a good idea to go for a used controller.

Where to buy a checked used ABS pump controller?

If it turns out that the symptoms of damage to the ABS pump controller were due to a complete destruction of this element, it is worth buying a used controller at a lower price. Here: ABS pump controller – symptoms of damage you will find a wide selection of parts which are thoroughly checked by qualified mechanics. Therefore, you can be sure that the controller you have purchased will take care of the correct operation of the ABS system for many years.

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