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Gearbox controller: what is it and what is the cost of repair
Gearbox controller: what is it and what is the cost of repair

The gearbox control unit is the component that is responsible for the proper operation of the gearbox. In the gearbox there are various types of gears that need proper lubrication, and the controller is responsible e.g. for the proper temperature and pressure of the fluid. The controller is an electronic device; it monitors the speed, throttle position and many other parameters. Its operation is based on data from sensors which are located in the engine, as well as at each wheel of the vehicle. On this basis, it can regulate many parameters related to the operation of the gearbox.

Is it cost effective to repair the gearbox controller?

Like any component of your vehicle, the controller can malfunction over time, and the signs can be problems with shifting, or the transmission may not respond to shifting when stationary. The electronic components of the controller may fail; it may be improper processing of data from sensors, and there may also be mechanical problems. If you notice irregularities, it is necessary to find the cause. Repair of the controller can be a big expense because not every mechanic will know how to correctly troubleshoot the fault.

If the problem is electronic system, then the circuit board should be tested, and this requires appropriate knowledge and tools. In the event of a repair, the problem may be the lack of suitable parts, e.g. electronic components that are difficult to find. If you have an older car model, some components may no longer be produced. Therefore, the cost of repair may exceed 1,000 zloty so it is worth considering replacement of the entire controller gearbox.

There are available fully operational remanufactured gearbox controllers, and purchasing a remanufactured controller may be the quickest way of repairing. You do not have to search for a car service that specialises in repairing controllers; you can quickly purchase a whole controller that will fit our car model. The problem with availability of parts is also due to differences between controllers used in different models of cars. If we are looking for a gearbox control unit, it is worth visiting the website Gearbox controller: what is it and what is the cost of repair; there you will find a large selection of controllers for various vehicle models and makes.

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