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How to check the gearbox control unit – damage
How to check the gearbox control unit – damage

The gearbox control unit is an essential part of your vehicle as it is responsible for regulating the pressure and distribution of the oil to all the parts of the gearbox. This ensures smooth operation of the gearbox. The oil not only allows the gearbox to ensure a smooth change of gears, but also protects the moving mechanical parts from abrasion and corrosion. Of course, it is important to have the correct oil pressure to make sure that the system is efficient and that gear changes are carried out smoothly.

How does the gearbox controller work?

The gearbox control unit (controller) is an electronic component that collects data from various sensors, processes it, and then regulates the operation of many elements related to the gearbox. Of course, the module operates together with other sensors which provide information about the position of the brake, the accelerator and the clutch pedal. In addition, it collects information about the temperature of the fluid in the gearbox, and can also be connected to the turbine sensor. This allows the system to react appropriately to various variables, e.g. to regulate the oil temperature.

Symptoms of problems with gearbox controller

Symptoms of malfunction of the gearbox control unit may include problems with shifting gears up or down. Sometimes you can notice that you need to apply more force to shift gears in manual transmission. It may also happen that the gears will jump, or you may feel a delay after engaging another gear. Of course, these types of problems may be due to problems with the oil, and it can also be a mechanical damage. You can also purchase refurbished gearbox controllers; you should of course make sure that you choose a controller that will fit your car model. Many controllers for different models can be purchased on gearbox control unit – damage . It is a good idea to use reconditioned controllers due to their favourable price. In the case of older car models, the controllers may no longer be manufactured so you will need to go for a used module.

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