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Wanted Engine Control Unit - Land Rover, Mazda

Virtually all car manufacturers have for many years been fitting electronic devices optimising the engine operation. As a matter of fact, these are specialised computers, also called injection controllers or control units. Why is it worthwhile to have such an element fitted in? The basic purpose of using them is to achieve the possibly best combustion, i.e. the most effective fuel consumption.

Wanted Engine Control Unit

In the ideal case, fuel vapours are thoroughly mixed with such an amount of air that enables utilisation of 100% fuel. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to precisely control the injection. And it is computers that were used here. Their application was motivated by the willingness to utilise fuel as best as possible – after all, we even pay for the unused amounts – instead of wasting it. Furthermore, the progressive tightening of pro-ecological legislation necessitates lower fuel emissions.

So how does such a controller work? It uses information coming from numerous sensors (they measure e.g. the position of the crankshaft or oxygen contents in exhaust gases). Based on appropriate algorithms, it then computes the parameters for controlling the ignition and the injectors. These are responsible for producing the air-fuel mixture.

Wanted Engine Control Unit - Land Rover, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Nissan

Like any car part, a controller can be replaced. However, it must have a programmed immobiliser. Whenever the car is started, this system quickly communicates with the transponder in the key in order to check its originality. A lot of firms can programme a matching controller based on the old, damaged one (obviously, communication with it must be possible). Specialists can buy a computer from another car and programme it on their own but this requires appropriate diagnostic equipment. There are also some intermediate options, e.g. without an immobiliser. A wide range of engine control units can be found on Wanted Engine Control Unit – there you will find parts for a lot of car makes.

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