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Looking for used ABS pumps - Opel, Peugeot, Renault, Rover, Saab, Seat, Skoda, Smart

The rapid development of modern technologies translates in a very advantageous way into modernisation of a lot of mechanical subassemblies that are present in devices and vehicles used by man. Thanks to this, one of the outcomes is that all currently produced cars are fitted by the manufacturers with brakes with the ABS system on a mandatory basis. This undoubtedly improves the safety of using vehicles.

Looking for used ABS pumps

The operating principle for brakes with this system does not significantly depart from the operation of the conventional brakes. The element that makes the difference between the traditional brakes and those with the ABS system is a pump that through hydraulic lines adjusts pressure in the braking system whenever a sensor detects slippage in any of the car wheels. An ABS pump that is constantly operated gets worn after some time. The process of replacing such a pomp is itself rather complicated because it requires disconnecting brake hoses, and after making the replacement the whole system must be additionally refilled with brake fluid and then skilfully vented.

Looking for used ABS pumps - Opel, Peugeot, Renault, Rover, Saab, Seat, Skoda, Smart

One way of extending the lifetime of a pump is to have it reconditioned but this will only delay the necessity of replacing the device. And purchase of an original ABS pump usually involves a considerable burden on the wallet. Depending on the manufacturer, the price may even reach over a thousand zlotys. For those who want to save some money but still have a pump from a good manufacturer, the optimal solution is to buy a used assembly. Used ABS pumps available on used ABS pumps have been appropriately reconditioned and are characterised by similar parameters as new original replacements with that difference that they are significantly cheaper. They sometimes come from cars that were discarded for a completely different reason and only have a mileage of several thousand kilometres. The purchase and installation of a used ABS pump allow the car owner to save even a few tens of percent relative to the price of a new product providing the same assurance of proper operation of the braking system.

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