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How to choose the engine control unit

A lot of drivers possessing modern cars are not fully aware of the large number of various modules and controllers that are installed in their cars. There are obviously both good and slightly worse sides to this. As the greatest advantage of this solution we can certainly consider the speed and accuracy of the troubleshooting and service work on the vehicle. A defect may be manifested in a number of ways and be the result of different incidents the reasons of which may include, among other thigs:
- a failure of the actuator system and software;
- a failure of the controller memory;
- power supply overvoltage.

The initial message on the failure appears on the dashboard in the form of a yellow light control lamp. Occasionally, however, this sort of information may be missing, therefore the full troubleshooting procedure should be carried out at a professional car service garage using specialist equipment with appropriate software. This is an easy and so efficient way to have the engine controller, which is responsible for the fuel injection control system, checked. After the failure has been identified, if replacement turns out to be necessary, we have at our disposal an offer of new and very expensive spare car parts, or much cheaper, used and properly adjusted fuel injection system controllers. Before making a decision on the purchase and replacement of this component in our car, we first have to make sure what sort of controller will be appropriate to meet our needs.

At our disposal we have an offer of four most common solutions.
- Non-logged-out controllers containing a data record of the previous car. Such controllers require additional preparation prior to programming and fitting in the car in order to change the register from the previous car.
- Logged-out controllers void of the data and code from the previous car. These require synchronisation and the correct PIN of the car where they are to be fitted.
- Complete controllers with an immobiliser, reader and transponder that do not require any additional programming. Fitting at a service centre.
- Synchronised controllers; recovered engine controllers that are fit for use after appropriate change of parameters.

A skilful choice and appropriate adjustment of the correct option is an extremely important matter. Having a well-chosen variant, we will avoid additional costs and reduce the time until the repair has been completed. Therefore, it is naturally best to turn to a reliable offer from a well-recognisable distributor of such components.

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