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How to check the ABS pump controller – a defect
How to check the ABS pump controller – a defect

Nowadays, cars are fitted with ABS as standard; this is a system that prevents the wheels from locking up when braking. For this purpose, the ABS regulates pressure in the entire braking system, the wheels are not blocked, but the car is braked by applying the appropriate force by the brake pads. This shortens the braking distance, in this case allowing you to steer the car while depressing the brake pedal. This certainly considerably increases safety allowing you to avoid an obstacle, for example.

How does the ABS work?

The entire system consists of a pressure modulator, a controller and, naturally, a sensor that measures wheel speed. There is a sensor at each wheel that sends signals to the modulators; this way the controller distributes the correct brake fluid pressure. This ensures that the car brakes evenly; if more braking force was applied to one side, the car would be pulled to the left or right while the brake pedal is pressed. The ABS pump controller plays an important role in this case, monitoring fluid pressure which then regulates the operation the brake pads. For the ABS to work properly, all its components must be in working order, including the sensors that measure wheel speed. This allows the pump controller to regulate the pressure in each wheel to maintain an equal wheel speed on both sides. A pump controller failure could lead to uneven braking; the car could run into a ditch or hit an oncoming vehicle.

How to check the ABS pump controller for damage?

Symptoms of an ABS failure, a malfunctioning of the pump, can be inadequate braking power; sometimes, brakes may also get blocked, or only one disc can operate, leading to a change in the braking path. In this case you should visit a garage; a common problem is a faulty ABS pump controller. Of course it is a module that needs to be replaced in its entirety; currently you can buy new and used models, it is worth checking the availability on How to check the ABS pump controller – a defect ; you will find there a large selection at attractive prices.

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